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O Dreany
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The O Dreamy
The O Dreamy


Tall enough for a full body stretch. The O Dreamy comes with all your basic luxuries - a calming wooden interior, luxury linens, warm lighting, and beachy hues. Plus a few added inches to shake out your legs.

Sleeps 1 adult

Room size: 1.55 m wide, 2.25 m long / 61 in wide, 88.5 in long. Bed size: 1.06 m wide / 2.00 m long

Also available with a dreamy ocean view

A magnetic card to open and close the pod
A regular key to open and close the pod on weekends, in case you observe
Storage space for your bag
A personal outlet and USB port
Continuous air flow
TV screen
***Showers are located outside of the pods, and separated by gender.